.:Band of the Day:.

- Local Scene: Pockets full of Sand -

I was clicking randomly on myspace earlier and fell on to these guys..
From what a friend told me, they are 4-piece band from athens..Their myspace about section doesn't say much about them, but their tracks do say a lot.
Unfortunately, I couldn't find any videos of any of their gigs, so i'll just post
a link to their player..

She has no eyes by pockets full of sand

Tango with Lions - Right from the start

Lego Headphones

...who hasn't got an old box of legos at home?...

Lego Headphones


.:Band of the Day:.

Yesterday I stumbled across this very interesting Swedish band..the result was a total dedication of 4 hours checking out their diverse sound and a download of their discography, and I have to admit that I was left quite impressed with what I heard.
Especially, Yukimi Nagano (their front-woman)..A singer of Japanese-Swedish descent
with a very mesmerising voice, that sort of urged me to check out her other astonishing collaborations with bands/artists such as 'Sleep Walker' (a Japanese jazz band based in Kyoto), which you can check out here and hip-hop artist/producer Ge-ology which you can check out here..
I can hardly restrain myself from posting most of their videos, so after quite a bit of thinking and pausing i'll contain myself to the following three choices..

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AudiogoN blog: The Hub

A very interesting article dedicated the audio lovers

AudiogoN blog: The Hub

The Audiophilia Nervosa Test

Hahaha!..take a look!

The Audiophilia Nervosa Test


Nefeli walking undercover...



Silvery - The Naked & The Dead

.:Band of the Day:.

Elysian Fields is a band founded in 1995, comprised by co-composers Jennifer Charles (vocals, instruments) and Oren Bloedow (guitar). Their music has been sometimes described as "noir rock", due to its sultry, dark and mysterious inflections, be it sonically or lyrically.
Jennifer Charles has been noted for her breathy/sensational voice, which is somewhat
of a trademark for 'Elysian Fields' and has also been distinctly met on other projects, such as 'Lovage'.
Below, my 2 favorites:


.:Video of the Day:.

Very arty and crafty and happy and and...
Enjoyyyy! :D

.:SongVideo of the Day:.

The reinvention of already existing categories sounds a bit pathetic,
but I could not resist not posting this under a memorable heading..
Hope you share the same feelings I do.. ;)


.:Song of the Day:.

A very interesting cover of 'Walk on By' by afro-beat soul/funk band
"El Michels Affair"..enjoy this very cool/smooth 5 minute trip as best as you

 El Michels Affair - Walk On By .mp3
Found at bee mp3 search engine


.:Band of the Day:.

- Efterklang -

Efterklang is a band from Copenhagen, Denmark, consisting of four core members (Mads Brauer, Casper Clausen, Thomas Husmer & Rasmus Stolberg) who have played together since 2001.
Below are two very favourite songs: 'Prey vs. Predator' from the album "Tripper" and
'Caravan' from the album "Parades".


.:Band of the Day:.

- Pivot -

Dark experimental instrumental post-rock band Pivot were formed in 1999 by brothers Laurenz Pike (drums, percussion) and Richard Pike (guitar, production), but soon ballooned to a five-piece band with the additions of Adrian Klumpes (keyboard), Neal Sutherland (bass), and Dave Bowman (turntables).
Below are 'Montecore' debut album "Make me love you" and 'Sweet Memory' from
"O soundtrack my heart".
Both albums are definitely worth a listen..


Maraveyas Ilegal review

Review for one of the funnest and most energetic lives of this summer.

Οι Maraveyas Ilegal στο μεγαλύτερο πάρτι του καλοκαιριού!

Tell Gnod what you like..

Gnod is a music/literature/movie search engine, that suggests bands/books/films for
you to listen/read/see, based on your interests.

Tell Gnod what you like

Signal or Noise? Agenda

Proposal for a virtual seminar to attend..

Signal or Noise? Agenda

Free online metronome

An online metronome ideal for quick and easy use while practicing music,
this music tool helps with your rhythm and provides tempo selections tempo selections.



Mood-dependent free radio station with presets for a more personalised experinece.


How to remove lyrics..

Software for all the karaoke lovers out there..

Remove The Lyrics From MOST Songs

.:Video of the Day:.

Simply..one of the best videos of all time..enjoy!


.:Song of the Day:.

A highly addictive song from 'Battles' for a not so addictive movie (Twilight Eclipse..).. :P

.:Band of the Day:.

Everything Everything is a four-piece band based in Manchester celebrated originally from Newcastle / Northumberland.Their music has been described as "surreal neo-classical avant-pop for the digital age.
Hit tracks include 'Suffragete Suffragete'and 'Photoshop Handsome'from the
forthcoming album "Man Alive".


.:Band of the Day:.

Tunng are an experimental folk band which formed in 2003 in London, England.
They are a digital-folk band, which has produced various works,with numerous exceptional tracks, some of which are posted below.


Bazooka@VELVET magazine

Bazooka, one of the winning bands of the "Velvet Prize 2010"on an earlier interview about their work and recently released, self-titled, debut EP which was recorded in 48 hours in our studios..

to read the interview, click here.

Lumiere Brother

Lumiere Brother is the project of musician/composer Thanasis Christodoulou.
"Fiction" is the name of his debut album, a trip of cinematic influences and piano wrapped,story-like music.
Links to reviews, here and here.

.:Band of the Day:.

- Shipping News -

Shipping News is an American post-rock/indie rock band. The group formed in
the fall of 1996. Their sound can be compared to that of bands such as Slint,
June of 44,Shellac and others..
Below, my personal favourites 'Untitled w Drums' from their EP
"Flies the Field", and 'Wax Dreams' from "Three-Four".


VST Plugins

A selection of free plugins for you to download..

elogoxa.......VST Plugins

Introduction » Exact Audio Copy

Freeware used to copy audio cd's, that enables the option of correcting audio
jitters and such..have a look!

Introduction » Exact Audio Copy


Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts [Deluxe Edition]

Pitchfork: Album Reviews: Refused: The Shape of Punk to Come: A Chimerical Bombination in 12 Bursts [Deluxe Edition]
.: Band of the day :.

- Les Savy Fav-

In my purely arrogant opinion, one of the best bands i've ever had the pleasure
coming across and which exist out there..I could go on talking forever about how
great i think their music is, but i'd be wandering off the point.
Please..enjoy their greatness for yourselves!

Tango With Lions - Verba time

"..Tango with Lions were originally conceived by song-writer Kat in 2006, after the musical dressing of diaries, photos and book-reading influences and were officially formed during a summer-time jam in 2007, in a beach house.
Johnniethin's blues-folk guitar playing and harmonica style, met cellist Stavros' confident melodies and Ntana's delicate clarinet sound to complete what the upcoming album represents.
Since the recording sessions during 2009-2010 with Ottomo at Fab Liquid Studios, the band's line up has changed, with Yannos now playing guitars and Stefanos on the drums.
Tango with Lions are day-dreamers, hard-workers and music-lovers. .."

MIC - CD Review - Tango With Lions - Verba time - Ελληνικά


Some recent reviews on her latest work, "Exit"..here and here and here.
Following, a video clip from the new album..enjoy!