.:Band of the Day:.

- Eels -

you know them..I know them..we both know they rock.
Last night I was watching true blood, and at the end credits (TB's end credits always have something more to offer) I got a splash of the very sexy 'fresh blood'.
I admit I had forgotten how good those guys sounded..and then a friend
reminded me just how addictive they can be (Jack's Colon..this one's for you ;) ).
They also completed their concept album trilogy sometime in May, with 'Tomorrow Morning' being the latest addition.
I find, that they seem to have created pieces that fit every type of mood, making
it a bit hard for me to choose..so I used some help.
Mine and Jack's picks:

.:Song of the day:.

Got immensely stuck on this one..awesome and loud.


.:Song of the Day:.

Today I woke up humming the tune to this song..
For some hours, I couldn't recall nor artist nor song title,
and then it hit me..voila..

The Brides go Jango

Berlin Brides have just created a new channel on jango.com
Jango is a free web-based custom radio app., meaning that you can make your own station
by choosing as a preset your selected artist, and from then on Jango takes over
by creating playlists with similar -known and new artists- while allowing you to vote
if you like the band and enabling you to determine how often you want the band to show up in your station (that is for the new artists, in this case the Berlin Brides).
Above all, it is free to use, and ad-free.
Vote for the girls to show up!Support their Jango presence!


How to Build the CMoy Pocket Amplifier

A very interesting diy tutorial,ranging from low to medium difficulty, on how to construct your very own headphone pocket amplifier.I'll be starting my own
soon.. :)
For more,click here


The Dillinger Escape Plan live in Athens!!!

..and our brains in the blender!!


Ark festival at Technopolis (Athens)

Be here !

13-14 September 2010.
A two day festival at technopolis held by Archangel music.
Diverse, including names such as the very interesting 'Voyage Limpid Sound' all the way to
'Aggelakas 3' and 'Leon'.
To re-cap.. 2 days,10 artists and 30 euros as a total contribution.
Sounds like a deal!..cu there!

For more, check out here!


.:Band of the Day:.

- Archie Bronson Outfit -

These guys, I hadn't really heard about, but this last hot/humid/sticky Saturday evening I decided,to find out a bit more..8 videos later and with endless hoppings
between the tracks (mostly from their latest album 'Coconut'), I had a pretty clear image about the aftertaste they left..psychedelic/electro/garage rock..to me, something like 'the greenhornes' with splashes of 'neu!' all over..Imao again,'Coconut'could easily be considered one of the best albums of 2010.
To find out more , click on..more.
Below the two songs, that topped my list of favourites.

The fuzzy guitared 'Magnetic Warrior'

and the garage/psychedelic/whateverelse 'You have a right to mountain life'


Stathis Drogosis kai Dramamini

Piano piano...



.:Band of the Day:.

I was feeling kind of blue today,so keeping that in mind I was browsing
through music that would be a match with my mood..and voila,I found it..
Two songs from the greek,three-piece band 'Mandy and the Panda'..Unconsciously,
I would press repeat all the time.The subtle, fairy-like voices from the track 'zoo'
that would calm me down and the interesting chorus effect somewhere throughout the middle of 'green fairies' made my day. :)

Green fairies by Mandy and the panda