.:Band of the Day:.

- Rien -

Myspace is a big big place, and by a sequence of random events, most times,
you can end up in the most unbelievable pages.
This is what happened once again, and I'm more than glad it did.
They're French and they're talented.
This band is what I call genreless, as their sound ranges from jazz to grunge
to indie.It reminds me both of Air and Battles..go figure..
I was dissapointed to find out however, that they have no Youtube presence, which
makes it all the more difficult for me to share selected songs.
Below, posted are two songs from their space, 'this is our grunge' and 'b.a.s.i.c.
feat. Damon Locks'.

BASIC feat Damon Locks by RIEN

This is our grunge by RIEN


.:Band of the Day:.

- Emily Jane White -

She reminds me of blueish/grey skies and Cat Power..a lot of Cat Power..
yet she has something of her own, which classifies her as a very talented singer
devoted to blending poetry with dark folk sounds..and it is something which she does
quite effortlessly.
Gloomy and haunting vocals are a combination which has been met before, but this one time it catches you're attention for a bit longer than usual..and you give it a listen
once,twice or more again..and you keep going back to it for more.
Enjoy both of her releases ( Dark Undercoat, Victorian American), thoroughly.


.:Band of the Day:.

- Department of Eagles -

If you're in love with Grizzly Bear's sound, but you have nonetheless worn off everything they have pretty much released (Ep's,Lp's,remixes and so on..), the
closest alternative to obsess to is the band 'Department of Eagles'..a classic for many, most of you are already dedicated fans of the duo (Daniel Rossen -G.B. vocalist- and Fred Nicolaus)and unknown to others. To those out their still starving for the likeliness of grizzlybearishness echoes (which are pretty much defined by Rossen's mesmerising vocals,imao), check them out here

also check out the above performed live by Daniel Rossen, here..pure magic I tell ya!


DT - MP = Dream Theater no more?

I never was a huge DT fan, but when I found out what happened I immediately ran here..and after reading this twice, even my heart melt..
May the force be with you on all your musical endeavours, Mike Portnoy..


.:Videos of the Day:.

Not what you'd exactly expect to encounter in a botanical garden..

But do try to get hold of their album ' Beachcomber's Windowsill'..it
really is something!


DIY's schematic paradise..

A full list of audio articles and schematics.
Check it out here.