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Another one of those times when I accidentally bump into something new..
And another one of those times when i'm so fortunate I did!..It's been nearly 9 hours since I first heard them, and I haven't got tired yet of listening repeatedly to Nedry's debut album 'Condors'..
Nedry are a three-piece band formed in London in 2008. The band consists of Chris Amblin and Matt Parker, on guitars, laptops and synthesizers and Ayu Okakita on vocals.
Blending elements like dubstep, trip-hop, electro and ethereal vocals (based on the successful recipes laid down by bands such as Blonde Redhead and artists such as Bjork), this album carries you deep into a trip of glitches, beats and bleeps and vocals that transcend the limits of sheer accompaniment.
With each track been carefully overlooked and constructed, this band has clearly made a statement of itself: they are here to stay.


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For tonight


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Breathy, husky and synth washed are just the top 3 characteristics of nearly 65% of the records which I've ran across in 2010. However, not all of them manage to penetrate your subconscious,
and as a result most of the times, when you listen to them randomly you think that they're something else.
That is the rule (at least for me), however once in a while you do spot little gems in the pile and when you do, you pull them out, cast them aside and treasure them in your little "exceptions/al" box, a.k.a the hard drive..
I consider this to be the case, for American electro rock duo 'Phantogram' (Josh Carter,Sarah Barthel) whose debut album was released around February 2010 on Barsuk Records.
A merger of trip-hop,electro,rock or simply "street beat,psyche pop" as their music has been noted, with similarities ranging from 'Little Dragon' to 'Blonde Redhead' and 'XX' , a wide variety of styles( as each track cannot be really compared to the one before, but rather seems to have something of its own), under the veil of Sarah Barthel's enchanting vocals, makes 'Eyelid Movies' a record that deserves a piece of your attention, and that you will not want to dismiss easily..


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Patrick Watson

He is a very favorite artist of mine, which I have been familiar with for quite a while but had totally forgotten about him until I reassesed the music in my hard drive.
The Canadian singer and pianist Patrick Watson was raised outside Montreal, in Hudson, Quebec, singing in the local church choirs as a boy, studying jazz and classical piano performance, composition, and arrangement, and singing and playing keyboards in the ska band Gangster Politics in high school.
Experimenting with various musical styles, and following his trip to Vietnam, he decided to orientate towards chamber pop music.
The result was a 4-piece band which is comprised of fellow musicians and former bandmates, which escort him upon this solo project.
His style can be compared to those of Jeff Buckley, Andrew Bird, Nick Drake to name a few,while it manages in the meanwhile to maintain qualities that set him apart from others.
He has been noted for his successful co-operation with Cinematic Orchestra, on tracks from the
'Ma Fleur' album, including the very prominent 'To build a home'.


.:Song of the Day:.

Marnie Stern......Hell(a) Yeah!!!

Le Page free Christmas show tomorrow at 6 dogs!!

Celebrating the release of their brand new album titled, 'Yojikevin', Le Page are
setting up a special christmas show which will be remembered..music, sweets, gifts and a festive atmosphere, are just a few of the elements which will comprise the show and which will end our weekend and start off our Christmas, in the most delightful spirit..Cu there!

Have a taste of the new songs here