Also known as Nick Aggloupas, is the chief engineer and co-owner of Fab Liquid Studios .
He has worked with major productions both in Greece and the UK .
Artists he has worked with include:
Monika, Modrec, Semen of the Sun, The Berlin Brides, The Liarbirds, Maraveyas Ilegal, Marieta Fafouti, Tango with lions, Mamma Kin, Biri Biri, My Wet Calvin, The Ducky Boyz, Lumiere Brother, The Callas, Leon and many others..

Mike Tsobanoglou

Both recording and live engineer he has worked with the likes of Slavebreed, Three-way plane, Miki Pantelous,Mitera Falaina Tyfli..
He is also a member of the the funk/rock act "Sugah Galore".
He has been co-operating for many years with Feedback studios.
Amongst others, he has been working on a long-term basis with artists such as Sugahspank! And Oxocube.

Thanasis Tsiatsis

A recording engineer as well as a live engineer for a number of music spaces and gigs.
In studio, he has worked with bands such as Bazooka, Screaming Fly and Karma as a producer,
and collaborated with others such as The Ducky Boyz, Bokomolech, Berlin Brides, Vassilis Papakonstantinou, etc..