.:Band of the Day:.

- Yellow Slots -

Two well-known musicians present their prime effort as an electronic/ambient act.
Reason for, the Yellow Slots which consists of Kyriakos Moustakas (Sundayman) and Dimitris Aronis (Modrec,Palindrome). Aesthetically different from both members’ solo projects and musical background, the music of Yellow Slots is considered a shelter for ambient and minimal explorations. Yellow Slots were formed in 2010 although the duo has been collaborating since 2006. In late 2008 they started creating musical textures inspired by the natural world and its processes, optical phenomena, as well as music and images of the 70’s, using old fashioned analog synths, piano and rhodes.

Check out below, the videos for the songs Floating and Beauty:


.:Band of the Day:.

- Tera Melos -

Sad to have discovered them only recently, but nonetheless happy I did so..
This brilliant band hails from Sacramento, California and makes music that
blends elements of rock, jazz and ambient electronics with a characteristic unconventional
song structure that incorporates features such as alternating rhythmic patterns, start-stop dynamics (to mention a few)..these guys are basically genreless!
The 3-piece band has been around since 2005 , and has released 2 LP's.
The first one being self titled, and released during 2005, only to be to be re-issued by
Sargent House in 2008, and 'Patagonian Rats' which was released early in September 2010.
They started off searching for a vocalist, on the way decided to stick to an instrumental approach, and later on decided to embed some vocals, which is apparent on 'Patagonian Rats'.
Personally, I stand on the instrumental era, which to me provides the best example of their work.
Recently, they realeased their 'Zoo Weather' EP, which you can check out here.
At present, they are touring US with Marnie Stern.
Below are embedded videos of their 2 Lp's..Certainly, worth keeping an eye on!