Consoles and outboard preamps

Neotek Elite 36 channel frame analog large format console
4x Wunder Audio Pafour Class-A discrete
1x Amek Neve 9098 Class-A discrete channel strip
8x TLAudio 5001 Valve
2x TLAudio Valve classics VP1
1x TLAudio 5021 Valve channel strip
4x Focusrite ISA pre-amps
and a few more...

Dynamics Processors

1x Emi TG1 Abbey road all discrete stereo compressor/limiter
1x Alan Smart C2 dual/stereo compressor
2x Empirical Labs Distressors with all mods
1xWaves L2 Hardware Digital Limiter/maximizer
1x TLAudio 5051 Stereo Valve compressor
2x TLAudio Valve classics VP1

Effects Processors

- Eclipse Eventide Harmonizer effects processor
- Lexicon PCM 70
- Yamaha Pro R5 effects processor
- Yamaha dual stereo delay
- TC Electronic Powercore PC based DSP
- TC Electronic M350


- SSI Alpha Link AX with SSL Mixpander Interface
- RME ADI-8 ADDA Converters


- Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenser
- Neumann U87 large diaphragm condenser (Andreas Grosser modified)
- 2x Royer r121 ribbon
- Shinybox ribbon
- AKG Solidtube tube large diaphragm condenser
- Neumann Tlm 103 large diaphragm condenser
- 4x Neumann Km184 small diaphragm condenser
- 2x MXL v69 Mogami edition large diaphragm tube condenser
- 2x AKG C451 small diaphragm condenser
- Shure SM 7B large diaphragm dynamic
- RE20 large diaphragm dynamic
- Sennheiser D112 large diaphragm dynamic
- 5x Sennheiser MD421 small diaphragm dynamic
- 5x Shure SM57 small diaphragm dynamic
- Shure 520 Green bullet vintage large diaphragm
Including a small collection of vintage dynamic mics..

Monitors and Systems

- Tannoy Legacy main monitors
- Adam S2.5 near field
- Furman HDS monitoring system with (5) satellites

Instruments and Amplifiers

- Gabriel custom maple drum kit
- Ludwig 402 16/6.5 supraphonics snare
- DW collectors 16x8 snare
- Zildjian K-Custom Dark Series cymbals
- Yamaha U1 upright piano
- Fender Twin Reverb '70 original (silverface) guitar amp
- Fender Precision Deluxe bass
- Fender Jazz master guitar
- Fender Telecaster guitar
various other guitars,percussion,etc.