“..Jeff Lipton founded Peerless Mastering in 1995 with a clear aspiration: to make great-sounding records. Working out of his apartment with a handful of clients, he focused on honing his skills and building solid relationships with artists through his commitment to understanding exactly what they were trying to
achieve and making it happen. This dedication paid off in an ever-expanding roster of clients, as satisfied customers kept coming back and new artists were drawn in by the excellent word-of-mouth. Peerless expanded accordingly, as Jeff acquired increasingly sophisticated equipment and eventually built the incredible facility that is today's Peerless..”

West West Side Music 

“..In mastering, it has always been our goal to bring the best objective and subjective points-of-view together, and create with the production team, the very best possible final master. Now, more than ever, bands have amazing control over their sound, and communication with us is key to helping achieve successful final goals. For sessions that need to be done unattended, we make high use of our FTP site where you can follow the progress of your session. Alan Douches (West West Side Music's chief engineer) has assembled a unique collection of "State of the Art" equipment to facilitate the mastering process..”

"..the spot in space where direct and reflected sound meet in harmony is called the "sweet spot". It is unique, like the optimal listening position. Therefore we achieve it, in the mix balance as well as in the mastering settings.."
Our love for music is our motivation and our aspiration is quality, aesthetically, as well as technically. We provide services at any stage of a project, from the onset to the very end. For example, recording with our mobile set up or in the studio, mixing in stereo or surround and mastering. We also have an extended bank of professional actors of various nationalities for audio books and advertisements as well as in-house musicians for jingles and soundtracks. With regard to musicians and bands, we show great interest and give our undivided support both at production and promotional level.