.:Video of the Day:.

- James Blake -

One of the most promising musicians to be recently discovered, he has definitely made a sensation with one of those cover songs that you just want to listen to over and over again..295,791 clicks on youtube clearly state that his LP due to be released on November 29th is fully anticipated.
Below the cover of Feist' original 'Limit to your love'

.:Band of the Day:.

- Until a better name -

A band discovered thanx to my little brother who happens to be a friend of theirs..
Starting off their journey due to Schoolwave fest., they have had a few gigs in the city.
Until they find a better name or something new comes up, you can enjoy their song 'Overdosed'

Promo for Le Page's debut album 'Yojikevin'

Check out the amazing promo video for Le Page's expected debut album 'Yojikevin' featuring the song 'Dinosaur..


.:Band of the Day:.

- Our Last Hope Lost Hope -

The only 10 known facts/personal views/suggestions I can share about them :

1. They are a ten-piece band from Sweden.

2. Their sound can be described as Post-Rock.

3. Yeap, they're Swedish.again.

4. They recorded for the first time during the winter of 2003.
Nobody has ever heard about what happened to them after that.

5. Their music is nice.

6. It's sad.Yes, as a matter of fact its quite sad (in the good sense).

7. No Myspace, only a last.fm page (I've linked on the post's title).
For the official info source, visit: http://www.elysianminorband.net

8. Apparently, the only available news is that they re-issued their debut album
through Future Recordings, sometime last April.

9. If you're in despair, and everything seems vain, I recommend them thoroughly.
They will add an extra something to your situation.

10. Enjoy the vid. below.cu!


In the Jungle – 8 Free, Cross-Platform Apps for Musicians

DAW's,sequencers,notation software..all for the price of: nothing at all..! check them out In the Jungle – 8 Free, Cross-Platform Apps for Musicians">here

Lumiere Brother, Tango with Lions

For those of you in Patra..and for those who are planning to go..5/11/2010..Lumiere Brother and Tango with Lions live!..save the date!For more, click Facebook | LUMIERE BROTHER LIVE CONCERT (With TANGO WITH LIONS)">here